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Password Protection

Security is always an important issue to be considered by everyone, and we keep this in mind when we design our software. By default, the passwords in CrossFTP's site file are encrypted to keep your passwords' safety. Password protection menu further allows you to set a special master password to protect all your sites' passwords. Once you set up the master password, you need to provide this master password when you launch CrossFTP.

You can copy the user name and passwords from CrossFTP if you have never set a master password. Once you setup a master password, or imported a CrossFTP site file which is enrypted with a master password, all your site's passwords will no longer be allowed to copy/export, even after you cleared the master passwords. This helps to further improve your security level.

ATTENTION: You must remember this master password since there is no other ways to recover your sites' passwords.

Tips: Due to the clear text transfer for normal FTP protocol, passwords can be sniffered by malicious network program. For secure login/transfer considerations, please use the FTPS/TLS, SFTP/SSH, or WebDav/HTTPS protocols, which encrypt the whole login session for your safety.

  • Set Master Password - Setup a new master password to encrypt your sites' passwords. Please make sure you remember the master password!
  • Change Master Password - Change the master password. Please make sure you remember the password!
  • Clear Master Password - Clear the previous master password so that you do not need to provide the master password when launch CrossFTP. You still cannot copy/export the sites' passwords after this clear.