What is FXP (Site to Site) transfer?

FXP stands for File eXchange Protocol. It lets you copy files from one FTP-server to another using an FXP-client without going through your local machine. There are two precondition for the FXP operation:

The following is a diagram showing the example of an FXP transfer.
                   Control     ------------   Control
---------->| User-FTP |<-----------
| | User-PI | |
| | "C" | |
V ------------ V
-------------- --------------
| Server-FTP | Data Connection | Server-FTP |
| "A" |<---------------------->| "B" |
-------------- Port (A) Port (B) --------------
                        Figure 1. FXP example

You can FXP files using CrossFTP by opening a remote server tab in the left and right side. (To create a new remote tab, choose File -> New Tab) Then you can drag and drop between these two remote tabs to make the FXP transfers. Here is a Flash tutorial for the FXP operation in CrossFTP for your reference. You can view more CrossFTP tutorials from our Tutorial page.