How to install CrossFTP

How to install the CrossFTP? I have click on the download link, but only find a jnlp file. I do not know how to run it.

Step 1. Get the latest Sun Java System
To install/run CrossFTP, you need to have Sun Java 1.4+ installed. You can check whether you have correctly installed the Java system at this link.

Step 2. Launch CrossFTP
After you installed the Java, you can now open the Web Start Now's jnlp file by Java Web Start (javaws). If Java Web Start is not automatically invoked, you can choose javaws to launch CrossFTP (javaws is located at your java's installation direction. In Windows, it is normally under c:\windows\java).

Or you can  run CrossFTP through command line:

CrossFTP will start to be downloaded and installed, as shown in the following figure:
Step 3. Click Run Button to run
You will see a popup dialog that lookup like this. Click the "Run" button to proceed.
Click "Run" Button to run

Step 4. Create the Shortcuts (Optional)
When the first time you launch CrossFTP, a prompt will shown to ask you whether you want to install a shortcut on desktop, and choose Yes to create the shortcut.
If you forget to create the shortcut in the first run, you can create it later by the following steps:
  1. Open Java Web Start Configure Window in your operating system, or launch it by this link,  or use command: javaws -viewer. The popup dialog looks like the figure in the following.
  2. On this dialog, find and open the java cache dialog (or some similar one), and find the CrossFTP application.
  3. Choose CrossFTP application, and create the shortcut from popup menu. If the shortcut already exists on your desktop, but it is not working, please remove the CrossFTP in this list first, and launch it from our web site again. After that, the shortcut should be created properly. All the site information are kept safe in this uninstall/install progress.
Java Viewer
On some desktop environments, such as Linux KDE and Linux XFCE, Java Web Start (javaws) has poor desktop integration support. Therefore no shortcut can be created automatically. In such cases, you need manually launch or create a launcher in your desktop for CrossFTP. The command to launch CrossFTP offline is
~$javaws -offline