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SFTP/SSH Protocol Support

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Posted: 19 Sep, 2009
by: Admin A.
Updated: 19 Sep, 2009
by: Admin A.
SSH File Transfer Protocol (sometimes called Secure File Transfer Protocol or SFTP) is a secure file transfer protocol used to exchange and manipulate files over computer network. CrossFTP Pro supports SFTP/SSH protocol.

To get a SFTP account
  1. If you have not get a SFTP account yet, you can register a SFTP account at host provider (such as bluehost), or you can create a SFTP server at your own machine (OpenSSH is a popular SSH/SFTP server software).
  2. After registeration/creation of your SFTP account, you will find your SFTP server's host, port, user name, and password.

To connect to a SFTP account
  1. Create a new site in CrossFTP, and choose the Protocol field as SFTP/SSH. Fill in the Host field with your SFTP server's host, and Port field with your port. The default SFTP's port is 22.
  2. Fill in your User name field with user name, and Password field with password, and press Connect to connect to the SFTP server.
  3. Setup your site's web URL (optional). If you want to preview your web pages, or copy the page's URL address, you can fill in the Remote Path field with your site page files' root path on your server (e.g., /public_html), and the Web URL field with your site's root URL (e.g., After that, you will be able to copy the page's URL, or preview the pages in your favorite web browser.
SFTP Connection
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