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document How to uninstall/remove the program?
CrossFTP client and server is installed as Java cache in your system, hence if you want to clear CrossFTP in the cache, you can choose either...
13 Dec, 2008 Comments: 0
document Where was the program installed in the system?
The program is installed in Java's cache directory (normally located under your home directory) and maintained by the Java Web Start system. It...
15 May, 2007 Comments: 0
document If I am behind a Proxy, how to download the execution files?
You need to configure Java Web Start's proxy setting so that the Java Web Start system can download the CrossFTP execution file through your proxy....
19 Nov, 2008 Comments: 0
document How to install CrossFTP
How to install the CrossFTP? I have click on the download link, but only find a jnlp file. I do not know how to run it. Step 1. Get the latest Sun...
24 May, 2009 Comments: 2
document What shall I do to deal with the security warn at the start up?
Please trust the digital signiture signed by CrossFTP and click the Run button. See the following picture.
03 Feb, 2008 Comments: 0